At Starwin Industries, experience and quality go hand in hand. We are an ISO 9001 certified precision machine shop with over 45 years experience.

   We serve the aerospace and automotive industries, government and research facilities, with specialized production parts, test rig components, instrumentation, prototype parts, and precision 3, 4, & 5 axis machining.


   We are very aware of current technologies in machining and data handling, but recognize the craftsmanship and personal commitment required for a quality product.We can take your electronic data in virtually any file format, including native Unigraphics files, Parasolids, IGES and several drawing formats, directly into our Unigraphics, CAD/CAM design and programming system, so there are no interpretation errors. We have three seats of Unigraphics NX6 modeling, drafting and machining software and one seat of AutoCAD.


Trusted by many organizations

   With the pressures of today’s time compressed research schedules and ever diminishing funding, there are times when quality and schedule are of the utmost importance, when the components have be on-time and you only get one chance to get them right. Space Flight Hardware fits at the top of that category. The costs associated with the failure of an experiment in space due to shoddy workmanship are astronomical. Starwin is on the short list of companies that NASA trusts to produce quality components for experiments on shuttle flights.

   Starwin is committed to doing what ever it takes to build a quality product and delivering it on time. When quality counts, Starwin is your best value!

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