Starwin Industries located in Dayton, Ohio (937)293-8568

Foundry Equipment

FoundrySome of the projects Starwin completes:

We Design and build prototype patterns and core boxes

We design and build production patterns & production core boxes from fiber reinforced composites, cast iron, 4140, or stainless steel

Wood Patterns

Blow Tubes

Ejector Plates

Custom Gating

We work with a wide range of pattern and core box materials, including:


Ren Board ®

Fiber Reinforced Composites


Cast Iron

Carbon Steel

Tool Steels

Stainless Steel

Some of our past projects include:

Production patterns for cast steel truck wheel rim clamps

Wood patterns for short run aluminum heat sinks

Patterns and core boxes to produce cast iron engine cylinder sleeves

Patterns and core boxes to produce cast iron disc brake rotors

Production patterns to produce cast iron brake drums

Core boxes for Thermal Risers (Exactcast)